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STOCK #: RR6263

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Stock#: RR6263

Type: Earrings

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Grams: 64.2

Measurements: L: 2.3inches, W: 1.25 inches

Condition: Excellent.

Other Details:

An iconic pair of ear pendants, named 'Ken' and resembling the shape of classic door knockers, mounted on 18kt yellow gold, tops are set with round cut diamonds between the black onyx scrolls, and smooth oval onyx door-knockers suspended from the top earclips. This earrings can be worn in two ways. The first as pictured with two pieces moving with the body to allow for movement and scintillation of gold. The second as stylized bomb post earrings, fixed on the ears. The mechanism to achieve the separation is quite fascinating: with a small gold lever behind the ear clip which, when pulled, can swivel sideways and accommodate a detachment of the bottom piece.

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